The Vision Of Truth

A terrible night, I could not sleep, the headache was unbearable, I tried walking, but the earth seems to be unstable, it is shaking, is it an earthquake? I panicked and collapsed on the floor. 

Waking up to the truth, the deeds that we have forgotten, my vision has changed, the majority of humans have turned into bodies of fire, the houses are bursting into flames, the humans are not aware of the truth. Is it true, that we are doomed? Trying to act normal around the humans, scared and nervous, but I managed to adapt to their new appearance, as if their old appearance was not scary enough.

The cemetery was the safest spot, the creatures never get close, they are afraid to leave, clutching onto life with everything that they have got, but they cannot escape death, a road that we will eventually have to cross someday. 

                    “There Is Still Hope”

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