Fighting My Own Mind !

This way the creature said pointing towards the room that I will be living in for the rest of my life, in the sanatorium. How easy it is for the creatures to describe my situation as an illness, and that they can cure me.


An illness that requires a brain to stop working and the thoughts to stop overflowing. Closing my eyes, floating in total darkness, a voice that seemed so familiar said, “Beware of the voices, I have warned you before, but you did not listen. This is your mess; you will have to fight this alone.”



After the second day, I can no longer tell a dream from reality, the patients around me looked like as if they have found their peace of mind, but in reality, they have lost the battle, and were defeated. The voices haunted me, trying to make me succumb, but that is not going to happen, because I never give up.


Battled the voices for years, and tried everything I could to win the fight, but failed miserably. Knowing that ignoring it is not the perfect solution, but I needed some time to rest, heal the wounds, and come up with an idea to win this battle.


“There Is Still Hope”

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