Dead, But Still Breathing…

There will be no survivors, everyone is going to die, but the question is when and how.
A man told me once that the worst thing a human being can go through is being dead, but alive. When someone is suffering from mental disorders, and life becomes a living hell, this victim of society slowly draws himself away from everyone, isolating himself from the real world, depending on his situation, he can either choose to be mad, and forget the past, while still being happy, or he can choose to suffer and experience death in its supreme power, that is to die while you are still alive.
When your heart fails to comprehend the severe emotions, and you feel the emptiness in your body, then realizing that its where your soul used to be, you become less interested in what others think, not caring about anything or anyone. A goal to just survive until the next day, to experience far greater pain,  and waiting helplessly for it to end.
Stay positive and live happily, it is okay to be alone, it is not the end of the world, besides, it saves you from a lot of pain.
 ” There Is Still Hope”

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