Unable To Communicate

Isolated boy haven’t yet seen much of the world, in a house he spent his whole life, dreaming and gazing at the rays of hope. His family were his whole universe, never had he ever dreamed of a family that cares so much about him to the point where he was held a captive.

The end of the front yard was the limit, crossing over to the next side was so terrifying and scary, that the boy tiptoes whenever he was on duty of watering the plants. “My parents aren’t the ones to blame”,  the boy screamed with anger, pushing himself away from his universe, left stranded in a whole new world, where everyone seems to be having a great time, talking to one another,  communications that seemed so easy and enjoyable. The poor outsider felt uncomfortable and nervous, walking in fear, and talking to himself, looking as though he is mad or has a mental condition.

The pure conscience of the boy was wounded by the hatred and negativity of the community, feeling sick, couldn’t bear the pain, the poor soul cried until there is no more tears to fall, his eyes drained, and soon collapsed and the world had disappeared.

“There Is Still Hope”

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