Drifting Away…

Climbing down the stairs to meet the darkness yet again, but this time I cannot feel anything, with a smile that I shall force upon my face to deceive my enemies “sadness and loneliness”.

My life has become a maze, everything is out of control, this is not what I have planned for, shall I be okay with it, or must I feel sad, for the situation that I was put on, like a crossroad, it drained my happiness and sadness, leaving me with no feelings at all.

I wrote about everything that I believe in, and everything that have created mixed emotions upon my soul. I do not know what have happened to me, is it my voice that cannot be heard, or is it because of the lack of determination that have caused yet another agony. Coming to think of whether I should be alive, or dead, is it worth it, to live in a world where you just do not care anymore.

The voices have faded, disappeared, leaving me all alone, helpless, just like friends that never happened, it is a mess, admitting that everything has drifted away from the path that I have built for my future. 

A change is not a bad thing, but at the same time it has its challenges, no matter where I shall be in life, I will always know how to move on, and accept what has become and what will be.

“There Is Still Hope”

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