The Tale Of Planet Earth

Gazing at the earth from a place beyond the sky and space, looking at its shape, and how it alternates between day and night. Moving as far as possible, to witness something miraculous, a white lake filled with huge stars and planets, revolving in order.

What a beautiful place earth is, when the sun sets and the night crawls in, it radiates, forming a work of art, a masterpiece, a view so magnificent that it fills your heart with peace, harmony, and love. Looking at things from its cover can sometimes be deceiving, did not we ever learn to not judge a book by its cover ?

As I got closer to the milky way, the planets were all dead, no form of life is left, except for the humans on planet earth, scared and shocked on how did they reach their fate. Passing by Mars, and heading towards earth, which is 54.6  million kilometers away, it is so far and tiring.

Finally entering earths atmosphere, everything that was so miraculous and amazing vanished, it faded away, as I entered the troposphere, now I can see how these planets ended up with no form of life on it, were they destroyed, or were they the cause of their own extinction. Pollution is poisoning our air, soon the disease will spread all over the earth, killing every form of life. Have not we learned from the books that we have read about the epidemic of infectious diseases that have spread over the years.

May the earth be safe from the sins of mankind…

“There Is Still Hope”

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