A Letter Of Reassurance

Dear Me,

I hope that you will find this letter to be comforting and amusing, for the purpose that you have failed to complete, and the dreams that you soon gave up on. A mindset that destroyed who you really are, pushed around by everyone for the sake of the future that is yet to be known, weak and pathetic as you are, never should have been alive, but somehow you managed to survive.

Hiding in the shadows of cruel creatures who act as though they care about your dreams and future, claiming that everything that they have done was all to ensure your future, stupid as you are, you soon believed and you were about to let go of everything that you have worked for. Hoping that you did not forget about the journal that started pulling you out of the darkness and placing you in your true self, finally you have gleamed. Shining the light on the truth that was concealed, realizing how you were deceived by those cruel people.

Then you have started to grow, creating your own path, making the choices that suits you the best, setting goals, challenging yourself to reach the final goal. You walked on this road to achieve your dream and eventually reach the final goal. You refused to enter the darkness again, for you were walking in your own path, you are the leader of this journey, your decision is the only decision that counts, because it is your life after all.

“There Is Still Hope”

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