Failure !

A world so beautiful and magnificent, the blue sky coloring the ocean, and the sun lights up the earth, filling it with happiness and joy. When everything disappears into the darkness of the night, the colors disappear, the world is not so happy and joyful anymore, and the creatures are hiding in their homes. A cloak of sadness and pain is worn by the earth, spreading excess of emotions and feelings to ones heart and soul.

Fighting death for years, trying to overcome the pain, I have got no one but myself to fight back in an endless battle. I can not trust anyone, they are devious and evil. Being alone is what keeps me alive, yet it makes me feel sad.

The cage frightens me, the guards are restraining me from my freedom, claiming that they are worried about me. I wondered for years why am I imprisoned in this mental state. Held in a cage for years, with guards that are trying to make me commit suicide with their behavior towards me. At the end I escaped and these words I left near the vessel. A story of boy who were left with no other choice but to leave this cruel world in order to rest.

“There Is Still Hope”

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