Living A Lie

Everything is falling apart, the world is spinning, where am I, am I still alive. It is a nightmare, looking at the mirror, not being able to recognize yourself, forced to conform or else I will suffer, that is what they claim is going to happen if I standout, and just be who I am.

Trapped in a vessel that is controlled by the creatures, manipulating and planning every move I make, this time hope seems so vague. Imprisoned in a black dome inside the vessel, emptiness is all I can see. Silence, no voices can be heard other than my own, panicking and filled with fear, I collapsed.

Thoughts are rising, painting my life with words, that seems more like a code, secrets are about to be told, about the soul, that walked the earth. In a sphere that is so unclear, trapped with all the dreams and fear.

“There Is Still Hope”

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