The Cursed 

I am telling a story, of a boy from an era far beyond our on, manipulated by everyone, controlled and tricked into doing things that he didn’t actually thought of doing. Years have passed, struggling to find the true meaning of life and freedom.
Locked himself in a room that is filled with dreams and goals, poor boy never had the chance to fulfill the dreams of his own, how can he, when he is too busy trying to please others. Lessons of life written in books filled with knowledge and tears, signed at the end with a seal from his soul. Damaged, yet determined to break the curse, he thought of a plan, which involved running away, but before even trying he knew that he couldn’t stand a chance among them cruel creatures. Stayed for ages locked in his room crying and screaming, looking at his dreams and goals, the poor soul faded, the body shrunk and the will have disappeared. Rest in peace my child you shall be avenged, only in time, when everyone can no longer see the truth.
Giving up sometimes can really be the answer, but only for those who were controlled, it is the beginning of a new life, the path towards the final goal……

               “There Is Still Hope”

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