The Untold Truth

In the darkness where our eyes are incapable of witnessing the truth, the demons come so close to ones soul, screwing around and eating what is left of our sanity.

In sins we have fallen, damaging our pure souls with our selfish actions, which ended up destroying the human race.

Reasons and proof can no longer be used in this cruel world, it must be their eyes, they can no longer see clearly with all the greed and manipulation that is going on in this world. Demons have taken over the world, building their empire of corruption and injustice in our earth. Blood everywhere of the victims that were caught in the middle of the plans.

In sadness the world shall be, suffering from the mistakes that they have made, wishing to have died before any of this shall happen. The ice is melting, the war is starting, and soon everything will end by the great flood, that wipes us all out of existence.

In events that seem so familiar to mankind, yet they cannot seem to remember the past, as they fell right into the trap of their forgotten enemy ( The Devil ).

“There Is Still Hope”

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