The Key To Happiness

Time flies, so if you didn’t get the hang of this world, I feel sorry for you, life can be annoying sometimes, especially when you feel left out, dreaming to be someone who you are not, wanting to be like the others happy and having fun, while you are sitting in your room feeling sorry for yourself, writing and sharing with everyone your experience in sadness so lets get started, shall we?

I have been looking at life from a perspective that makes your life miserable, it feeds you sadness and depression, and its only the start. It never ends until someone actually realizes the mistake that they have made, which is choosing this concept of living, if you are to be late, you will probably end up in a mental hospital.

Life is happy only if you are, don’t think about what others are doing or making, start being yourself, be your own work of art, punch the walls to survive, and accomplish your goals. Be yourself, accept yourself, in order to be happy. If you are to accept who you really are, life would be a place where goals and challenges are set and to be accomplished by no one other than you. So stop thinking about what others feel about you, real friends will accept you for who you really are no matter what others feel about you.

“There Is Still Hope”

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