An Outsider

what I have learned over these years is that life is so simple yet it is so hard to achieve. A lot of you will disagree, and some of you think that it is maybe hard to believe that life is all about living happily and enjoying the environment while its still around.
Loving who you really are, and accepting yourself are the two main keys, for the doors ahead of you in life. Sometimes making choices can be really be hard, with all the anxiety you get from thinking about the society, will they accept you, or will you end up an outsider like me. If you have a dream you should go for it and conquer all the obstacles in order to feel satisfied and happy, don’t give up on your dreams because of a dream crusher made you feel silly and stupid, as long as it makes you feel happy, there is nothing in this entire universe that can stop you from doing what you really love, well, except death.
Thriving, testing your capabilities, challenging yourself to gain and achieve happiness and seeing for yourself that you can actually do it.

                    “There Is Still Hope”

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