How Cruel Can We Get ?

The sun rises everyday, giving off rays of hope, but lets look at it from a different angle shall we, in the darkness of the allies there are people suffering from poverty, poor brothers and sisters living on the street, homeless and are trying to survive, they never chose this lifestyle, but life can be so cruel sometimes, we just have to deal with it and survive no matter how hard it is.

I have seen a lot of humans look down upon the poor homeless brothers and sisters, hurting their feelings and laughing at them. We are suppose to help the fallen, comfort the hurt, and restore the broken.

They don’t want to beg, but life have pushed them so far and tortured them for so long, that some off them committed suicide, while others have managed to find jobs so that they can survive in this cruel world, where the weak and poor are ignored by us (humans). Charities that are meant to help the poor some times can be a fraud, using a good cause to earn money and increase their income.

Stay strong….

“There Is Still Hope”


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