The Bitter Taste Of Reality

Drained earth, blood shattered all over the place, creatures shooting arrows at the sky, I am not sure what will they gain from it, but as they are low on ammo an angry voice shock the entire universe, mountains collapsed when they have heard, and animals stood still waiting for their destiny, while humans not bothered about the voice, they marsh towards their end yet still they try to destroy and ruin each others life, or at least what is left of it.

There is no where to hide, therefor I climbed the mountains hoping to survive, but as I almost reached my destination, I caught a hysterical laugh, left with no hope, and the world is collapsing, where can I possibly go to survive, studying my situation for a minute then I finally decided to end this horrifying dilemma of the apocalypse and wake up.

When I jumped off the mountain, I was hoping to wake up to the world that I pictured in my mind where humans lived, loving each other, and caring for one another, but I found myself choking on the bitter taste of reality. 

“There Is Still Hope”

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