Ending Life

Sad and depressed, having nothing else but pain, flooded by tears, while life reminds me about the cruel monsters and how I was treated. Running away as far as possible from humans, leaving back lessons of life. Everyone is a backstabber, and they doesn’t deserve your trust. I don’t know if I am stupid, or crazy as I seem to give them second chances, so that they can learn and try to be better, until I have had enough and decided to walk out on the whole world and stay away from them forever.

Now as the world comes to an end, I lay down on the gold sand of the beach, gazing at the wide blue sky, where birds and clouds float, defying the laws of gravity, and soon the ocean waves approached me, pulling me towards the ocean, taking me far from the humans, and comforting me.

The night has come to replace the daylight, in the middle of the ocean, looking for an island to rest my wrinkled body, when I finally saw two mountains, which seemed like they have somehow been connected together by melted metal, the storm have ruined everything for me by throwing me far beyond the two mountains, where I found a rock that could only fit one person and laid their for 3 days. Woke up by an angry sound of an animal and a thunderbolt landing directly towards the metal thats filling the top of the two mountains, making a huge gate. Abnormal creatures coming out of the mountain, flooded the ocean, and started drinking it until it drained, leaving me in total shock……..

“There Is Still Hope”

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