Words Of Mass Destruction 

This is my first time out of my room, for days I have locked myself in for what feels like a whole year, time is not fast as it suppose to be, a minute is a long 60 seconds upon which I can finish reading three chapters.

My first destination when I got out of the house was the park that is not so far from where I live, just a 10 minutes walk. Monsters roaming all around the park, I didn’t know anything about them except that they are monsters who claim to be humane, until I was about to have a panic attack, I saw my friend who left not so long ago, but finally came back, I screamed with joy “welcome back, shadow” .

Relieved that I had someone to turn on to in times of need for I have swore an oath that I shall never talk to any humans unless they need help. Shadow stopped for an instance at the long endless path, shivering and fading, screaming so hard as though in agony. I held its hands to comfort it, when suddenly we somehow linked together and I could feel its pain, “you are a freak”, it was these words echoing in our heads.

– Beware of your words that you throw upon others, for they can destroy and hurt someone’s feelings.

” There Is Still Hope “

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