Reaching Clarity

In world of many wonders, the air that flows in our planet through which all living organisms live off, the blue skies of which gases floats above our heads, a child with a thought so different from the others of his age, so wise that he questioned everything around him that cannot be explained.


A child with such questions roamed the earth for so long that he gained knowledge and found answers to some of his questions, a beam of light from the sky penetrated through his heart, causing him to wonder even more. Finally, when he reached the lands that were inhabited by us, he started to warn us about what will happen and what shall be in the future if we don’t find a solution fast,  tried to warn us about the demons inside each one of us ( greed, lust, wrath, pride, sloth, envy, gluttony). Everyone accused him of being a wizard, for trying to make things right they labelled him as the guy with the cape, then after years of trying to warn them but with no progress the humans have had enough of him, so they banished him away from the land that is not theirs in the first place.


Disappointed from his people the poor man carried on his journey to gain more knowledge and reach clarity. Reaching a point in life where everything seems blurry, and feeling that the end is coming. The guy took the ocean as a boat, throwing his life and soul into the deep blue sea hoping to reach a better place, away from ignorance.


“There Is Still Hope”

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