Interviewing A Patient

The years have past, I remember it like it was yesterday being taken away by the darkness and the evil within.

The state which I am in is worst than it used to be, I used to have a shadow to talk with and complain about how the earth have treated me over the years, but now I have lost my shadow, I have fallen deeper into the darkness, surprised by the fact that all the people that were once by my side have turned their backs on me, forgotten and ignored like always, I am used to being all alone with no humans around, for I have friends from different species that no one can see or hear, from beasts to monsters, magicians and my closest friends, Demons.

Walking around trying to hide from the human beings, my thoughts echoing in my head, dreadful ideas on how to survive this cruel earth, trying to hold myself from doing anything stupid, anything that I will regret in the future. The best decision that I have taken so far is to stay away from humans and stay all alone by myself with my thoughts roaming around in my head. Twisted and unstable as me the boy with no shadow nor a soul, witnessed a lot from this earth.


“There Is Still Hope”


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