School Of Life 

Destiny sometimes can be cruel, destiny is the future that one person has which he never chose, it’s already chosen for you. 

HOPE AND FAITH, are the key to live a peaceful and happy life. Waiting for others to show compassion is not the way to survive in this world, as humans mind evolved their attitude flipped and went back to the olden days where injustice and discrimination plays a great role in their daily lives. 

A great plan to see who are your real friends, the friends that will stick around you no matter what the situation is or how bad it is, all you have to do is call them in the middle of the night and ask them to come over and explain to them how depressed you are so that they know that you are not feeling well. If they showed up and were concerned you can rely on them, if they didn’t, my friend you are alone in this life like me, all you got is your family.

                           “There is no Hope”

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