Heart Of Souls

With all the planning and thoughts that I have, and the path that I have chosen, you think that I have found what I am looking for, and what I really want to do in life, yet sometimes I find myself lost.

It happenes every now and then, scrumbling my brain, stopping the stream of thoughts from making it out of my brain safe. The years have passed, time can never be stopped, trying to go back in time to choose the right choices from the begining, instead of making mistakes and convincing yourself that mistakes are meant to happen so that you can learn and do better. I used to think that finding your soul is the key to finding who you really are, and what is your purpose in this life. Finding ones soul is not necessarily the key to finding who you really are and what is your purpose in life, because doubts will always try to push you away fom what you have found trying to make you lose hope. Demons, negative humans and doubts have one thing in common they all have the power to crush your dreams, and make you feel hopeless and sad.

Knowing not so much about souls, not having a clue what I really am, lost in darkness, I try to understand and comprehend this form, the form of ourselves that we cant really see. I started to realize that bodies are just costumes, we try and lie about who we really are its easier this way, not knowing our true colors, whos evil and whos good, whos really kind and whos pretending to be kind.

Overlooking the humans complex body and organs, the soul is hidden inside of us, no one seems to be intrested in the soul, why is that?. Have you ever heard the phrase ” CHANGE OF HEART” its your soul, trying to guide you through this life making you either a righteous human or an evil human.

“There Is Still Hope”

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