A Desperate Call For Help

In movies and TV shows they have portrayed a friend as the person who is there for you always no matter what the circumstances are, he is always there to help you, guide you, and make you choose the correct choices.

While in real life they do not exist, the majority of people in our society care only about their own selfish desires and needs, making it easier for them to betray you. Money destroyed our morality and manners, or what is left of it. A Wiseman have gained respect and knowledge not because of who he is or what family does he belong to, but for the greater good, to make a change in our miserable world, hopefully making it a better world. We have reached a certain level of stupidity that caused us to ignore the consequences of our own actions, simply like the warning label on a pack of cigarettes, knowing what damages that it can cause to ones body, yet people smoke.

Everyday meetings are being held in the name of peace, ruining the meaning the it has, poor countries are being destroyed and innocent people are being killed daily around the world. A meeting is made in order to bring peace to this hopeless earth, why waste your time in making these meeting” if the solution is not yet to be found?”. Instead of being selfish and wanting to control the whole world, form a treaty with all the countries on this earth, band all weapons or simply destroy all existing weapons on this earth. The solution is in your hands from the beginning and not using it can mean only one thing, GREED.

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