An Orphan 

In our beloved earth everything seems to have been created in pairs from trees to animals and humans. In every species upon this earth you will find a family. Being born into a world not knowing where are you from nor where your parents at, harsh and difficult as it is, some poor kids can’t make through and will eventually suicide.

I am inviting you to witness the survival of an orphan kid, who at a young age had only one goal in life, which was to never repeat the mistakes that were made by his biological parents. Life to him seemed like a bumpy road, struggling at school, trying to achieve better grades in order to ensure his future. Orphans are treated badly, not only they have to suffer emotionally and do well at school, but they have to deal with ignorant humans who think that life is all about having fun and making jokes. Adopted so many times, regularly transferred between unhumane couples who mistreat him, making him a slave for their own selfish and sick desires. Social workers tried to help, but it seemed like their magic can be stopped by a green curse. Poor kid had no one to turn to and no friends to hang out with, the only thing he had was a notebook and a pencil, which he used to let all the anger and hate out of his soul, creating a book filled with darkness. Writing his own biography, that is filled with hurt, depression and sadness. Reaching a certain age the poor boy stopped writing and left the earth, hopefully to a better place than earth. Years have past since the poor boy died, his book was found by a journalist who just rented the poor boys room, he was kind enough to publish the poor boys biography and titled it “The Book Of The Dammed”.
” There Is Still Hope “

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