A Case Of Illness

I was the kid that no one liked. loneliness have striked me at a young age, loving the darkness and shadows, not socializing with anyone. I have created my own friends, friends that I can only see, I adopted a demon, raised it as one of my own, but as it grew up, I noticed that it was shaking whenever I make a conversation with it, and soon ran away leaving me alone.

Growing up alone you have to have survival skills in order to survive in this world, a case of schizophrenia, feeling obssessed and mad. Hallucinations about the friends that I never had, everybody seems to like me, scared and paranoid, I closed my eyes, whispering that non of this is real, but that didnt work, I can feel their hands on my head, neck, and face. Soon these hallucinations started to get scarier and feel real day by day, searching for a place to hide from the hallucinations seems impossible.

Taking medications for years, nothing have changed, the hallucinations never stops, my room that was once filled with video games, and other electronic devices became white and empty, the wall and the floor seems so soft like a pillow, I was given a robe that restrained me from using my hands, like a dog in a cage.

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