Abused By Earth

Living in earth can be really hard sometimes, frustrated about how your life is rotating making you suffer everyday for the things you have made in the past, making you feel ashamed. A  series of debates going on between the earth and I, causing me to feel uncomfortable.

Dont I deserve a second chance? tortured not only when I am awake but also in my dreams, where the whole scenario is played over and over making me go through it all over again. I cant sleep anymore, coffee is an essential for me if I am to never sleep again. Cruel earth never forgets and cant forgive anyone for his/her stupidity.

I think I am done, I cant live like this anymore, anger is rising inside of me, commanding me to do evil, I cant take it anymore, everyday I have to go through a battle with myself in order to keep the anger burried inside of me. Although I am tryinig to do whatever I can in order to not repeat the mistake that I have done in the past, the earth seems ungreatful.

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