The Life Of Misery


Once a happy man, filled with dreams, highly motivated to make a change in this world, to leave a mark on this world.

A lot of great thoughts roaming around in his head, its hard to choose, what path should he choose, or shall the people around him influence him into achieving their lost dreams.

Between two sides lost, putting him in a hard situation, knowing that the dreams of his own is more important than the dreams of others, eventually conforming to the thoughts of others, that was the sacrifice he made in order to  keep his friends and be loved by his family.

What is wrong with us, trying to control the lives of one another, if you have a dream don’t force it into someone’s life, to achieve it for you, you should work for it by yourself in order to achieve it, or forget about it.

My Life Is Mine To Choose What I Want To Do With It, Stop Trespassing Into The Lives Of Others.

“There Is Still Hope”

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