Rejecting Yourself

Everybody was born with a unique personality that makes him special, as he/she is the only one who has these characteristics. In the olden days, conforming was the issue for these unique personalities to disappear, but in the modern days conforming have evolved into being a copycat.

In my journey I have seen so many unusual things but not as twisted as this one, everybody tries to copy a famous character, trying to be him/her in every detail, it did not stop their some of them did a plastic surgery in order to look like their role models. The famous characters are being themselves they do not act to be someone else; you are in love with them because they are unique and not like everyone else.

Be yourself, having a role model does not mean that you should copy everything that the do, a role model is a person that you think is successful, learn from their mistakes and build on them in order to be successful.

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