A Dreamer

A dream is a thought that you have of yourself in the future, there are two types of dreamers.

  1. A dreamer which works hard to achieve his dream, setting his/her path in life to achieve his/her real goal (dream), they don’t leave their dream to be just a thought, they develop it, making it a plan in which they can fulfil their dream.
  2. A dreamer which keeps his/her dream a thought, and is waiting for his/her dream to be accomplished for them.

Make it a destination, do everything you can to achieve it, shorten the distance between yourself and your dream by setting a path, a road which leads you to your goal.

Some times in life people come across obstacles that they can’t bare alone, you can see that they are trying but the burden is too heavy to carry alone, depression is a virus it can infect us all,  so in order to stay motivated you shall spread positive ideas and thoughts. Don’t ruin someone else’s dream just because of jealousy, and hate, be a supportive person.

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