Beyond Death

A body is a complex thing, with all the organs, blood and water that flow throughout our body, there is a thing in all of us, a thing that keeps us alive, the soul.

Separating us from death is a thin layer, or thread, if it was to be torn, we will no longer be of this earth. A soul is not yet classified, as soon as the soul leaves our body, darkness shall come, we no longer have the ability to walk upon this earth, we are taken to a place which lies between our world and the life of eternity. A place where everything will be revealed, some will be punished for their crimes, and the others will live peacefully as a reward for the good deeds that they have done when they were alive. Until the day comes, where the end starts, every living organisms upon this earth will die on the first blow, then they shall be resurrected in the second blow to witness the apocalypse.


Many have tried to discover the soul, but there attempts where disappointing. We humans lack the knowledge, we were given a tiny spoon of knowledge, there are many more things that exists  around us but we have not yet found a way to notice them , you can say that I am a bit superstitious, but this world is filled with a lot of great wicked creatures, that once roamed the earth.

“Is There Any Hope?”



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