How is life ?

How is life? is a question that I get a lot from everyone that I used to know. Do you really care about me? because last time I checked you all left me and hated me for no reason. I lived through hell and drowned in my own sins. My head is messed up, I see things that I am not suppose to see, life drops all of the obstacles in front of me, soon my dreams became a history.

A curse that I brought upon myself when I chose to be alone is that I hear people scream cry and shout inside my head. While you live your lives to the fullest, I lived mine as if we are in a war zone or the apocalypse, trying to survive, struggling daily to find peace, to find a way to keep them quite.

The ocean/sea has some kind of spell that calms me down and whispers to me that everything will be fine. The darkness my beloved saviour helped me during my depression and helped me to control the evil inside of me.

“There Is Still Hope”

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