I have been able to defeat the demons in me somehow, but the past seems to be unforgotten, every time I close my eyes I remember the demons curving their marks on my body, forcing me to drink their blood, trying to make me one of them.

Years of battle with the demons in me, I managed to learn dark secrets from them, unfortunately when I broke the chains, the seals were broken at the same time, unleashing evil spirits into our world.

Walking in the shadows is not the same anymore,  its not quite as it used to be, I know that demons and spirits exist in the shadows, I can feel their presence but I never thought that I can hear and understand them. Hearing the demons rejecting me as I was not born a demon, I am a hybrid.

I have been rejected twice, humans because I was filled with darkness and evil, yet I never unleashed my wrath upon them, and the demons because I was not a pure demon.

It seems to me that the past can never be forgotten, it can only be repeated to remind you of who you are.

Staying in the shadows will not work anymore, where shall I go to find peace?. I will not hide anymore, I will show the world the true darkness that I have been keeping away, trying to control such evil within me is not easy at all, I am sick of these insects so called humans who speak about peace when they are destroying each others nation, killing innocent people.

Patience my insects, you shall witness the darkness that I was born with, the evil in me which I was trying to hide and control, thinking that between all these insects there are righteous human beings, but I was wrong, they do not exist anymore. They have died trying to fix their race trying to form amends with one another, but they could not.

“Patience My Insects”

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