The Boy With No Soul

It really kills me when people complain about who you are, and about what you want to be, nothing seems to satisfy them. They keep on spreading negative thoughts in my head filling it with the wrong idea of life.

That’s how I became who I am, the boy with darkness. Losing everybody around me with my suspicious attitude, keeping everybody distant.

Growing up with that wasn’t easy, I studied my classmates instead of interacting with them. Tried so hard to impress my teachers but all of them seem to hate me for some reason.

I’m different than the others, hated by my relatives (family).

I guess they saw the darkness in my heart, I was called the boy with no soul, left in the middle of the road at night a dozen of times, wanting me to leave, as a kid I had to form a survival instinct, to survive, so I memorized the way back home.

Thrown out of the house with no where to go, I wandered around the world choosing my own path in life.

“Sheltered by darkness”

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