The Devil

Walking upon this earth for decades, since the beginning of life humans have been manipulated by demons which are lead by the devil himself. Forcing us into making evil things, things that could destroy us all.

The devil inside me screams so load that my ears start to bleed, my body vibrates this negative vibe that I cant seem to understand, flickering lights wherever I go. Holding onto faith, I managed to escape out of my body, a soulless body wandering in this world manipulating people into destroying each other forming chaos wherever it goes.

Tried to warn the others about the devil and his plans, but no one seemed to care, an innocent voice echoing from far away saying ” there is no use in warning the others humans have filled their hearts with greed, envy and hatery.

The devil stopped and started to laugh, claiming that his job has already been done for him by us humans. I was suspicious, so I asked for proof, then he started to ask me about certain countries, countries which are being destroyed, I remembered then, that in every occupation there are corrupt people,people who are only after money. Racism flooding our society with sins and inequality, are we not form the same father? are we not all connected somehow?.

The devil vanished as there is nothing to do in this world that is already corrupted.

“Is There Still Hope”

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