The Purpose Of It All

Where am I, What am I, Why am I here.

Walking down the road, in a world where everyone has their on purpose in life.

Searching for my purpose, a grace that I lost when I came to this world.

A weakened soul slowly dies.


I was once asked, what is my purpose in life? , standing there with no answer, my brain somehow stopped responding, like in an exam when you come across a tricky question all of the things that you have studied starts to fuse together preventing you from writing the correct answer.

Many have already found their purpose in life, like for example:

  • Doctors : To help cure from diseases.
  • Teachers: To guide the generations into being an effective individual in the society.

How come one lives in a world, where he cant find his purpose. Feeling lost in a world where everyone shines but me, an outsider trying to conform to society but never could, for my soul has rights on me, being who I am, being my self.

You can call me an outsider, stranger, or even weird, I wont feel bad, because it makes me special.

My purpose in life, is yet to be discovered. My journey through this world shall reveal everything that I want to know.

“There Is Still Hope”

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