The Day I Was Suppose To Be Happy

On graduation day everyone feels happy and excited to move on to the next step in their life.

Me on the other hand I just couldnt feel it, I was down, sad, depressed. I drew a smile on my face so that no one could notice how  sad I am, but here I am letting all the depression and sadness away by writing.

Although all of my friends were around me, I felt lonely, tears formed in my eyes every time I hear them talk, every time I remember them laugh. I’m far away from my future every time I see a book, I lose focus and to succeed in school you have to be focused you have to have motivation, which I lost long time ago when you left.

The Darkest day in my entire life of darkness was when I was rejected, the day everyone left me the day when one of my closest friends moved on and found new friends to hang out with, I felt like an old broken toy on the shelf left to collect dust and then it will end up in trash.

With no words left to express my sadness and depression, I hope for a better future when I know that its  unlikely to happen, but that is all I got left faith and hope is whats keeping me alive.

                                                    “There Is Still Hope”

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