The Voice Of Humanity

There are people in this world who are suffering, people who are trying to survive this world like us but they have it worst than us while we are worried about how to pay rent and how to save up money for a product that we took interest in, they are worried about food and water worried about how to feed their children and how to survive in a place/area where there are no hospitals.

A voice screams for help, some people heard this voice and tried to help them by building a company under the name of charity.

CHARITY : The act of helping poor people

Some used this word to deceive people and trick them  into donating money (Charity Fraud)

Whispers of a voice, the voice became unclear, fainted the voice in the darkness of this world, a world which has no mercy on the poor. Homeless people around the world suffer begging for food or any kind of help it doesnt have to be money, the society ignores them and walks away.

Soon the voice vanished in a world where selfishness infected all of the human race, in a world where everyone is for himself.

“Is There Still Hope”

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