A normal day in a persons life has to have certain events, and must go through different types of feelings (happy , sad , worried etc…) this only goes for rich people and middle class people where as for my kind we only experience total darkness and sadness.

Through my research that I have done when I was 10 years old till now i have found out that people in every society are divided into four types

  1. people that are trying to survive this world.
  2. people that have no responsibilities in life ( wealthy people ).
  3. people that are doing what they are doing to please others and not them selves.
  4. people that are happy with what they have got.

If you want to know what I feel everyday then open your mind and imagine what I am about to say.

Starting with the dreams that I have every night, its the same dream from when I was filled with darkness the year that I started crying for no reason the year that I tried to jump out of the car in the middle of the road the same year that I saw the devil.

Waking up scared in the middle of the night, hearing voices (whispers) and hearing someone laughing.

losing control of my self. when I lose control over my body, this dark creature/thing captures something from my heart that causes me to lose control, being a spectator is hard when you see your self walking, talking and you are trapped inside your mind. I scream as hard as I can, to warn the others but with disappointment I fail.

This dark creature, when it talks to me it says “you are the weakest”,  I asked it “how many brothers do I have” it answered with aggression “three brothers”.

Then I knew that it meant my personalities which have disappeared when I saw the devil.




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