The Death of a Lonely Soul

An extraordinary man once lived within me, a happy soul, innocent. Everybody likes him, has a lot of friends but wrong he thought.

Late at night the man was tired and soon fell asleep, in the dark room where he slept, a bright light came out of his body, a soul was sent to find the truth. The soul went to all his friends and found that they were talking behind his back, depressed soul went back home hoping that it was just a dream, tried to return back to the body but thought that it was going to betray the only love and friend it had, died the poor soul in pain.

I woke up searched everywhere for the only friend I had, screamed for my soul but it was nowhere to be found. Roaming around the world without a soul, felt the emptiness in my heart and mind, the darkness took over my body and captured me, here  I am inside my head stuck in a cage.

“Is there still hope?”

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