Around the world different cultures and societies have made up some magnificent yet hard to believe stories.

I must not judge their decision to say such marvelous stories/legends, but there must be an explanation to all these stories

  • Did it actually happen ?
  • Is their any proof?

Something must have happened which lead them to say what they had to say. Dragons, vampires, werewolves, chupacabras, mermaids, Salem witch trials etc….

Poor people were scared of these names/things mentioned above yet reality screwed them up, ask any girl about vampires they will say they are cute strong and so on, same goes for werewolves.

To be honest with you I think that the people who went through alot in the past because of ghosts vampires (monsters) they were actually really scared, some of them lost their mind just thinking about it.

yet the movies and tv shows  continue there way to ruin the legends and myths.

ps:  Supernatural is not one of the tv shows who ruined the legends and myths.

“There is still hope” 

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