Living In The darkness

have you ever felt how lonely one could be, when there is no one talk to, no friends to help you no nothing, the world has changed as I grew older the worlds light starts to fade until I found myself in a world where some people will destroy, demolish or even eliminate the poor to collect money .

I used to think of this world as a vacation and someday I’ll go back home in the grave buried deep down under the ground where I started the journey and where ill end.

Now I started to realize that the world is just a journey one takes through life, you just have to accept it to gain its trust dont listen to what people say to you they are just trying to control you use you like a puppet. In this life dont choose one over the other think only about your self dont think about others(i mean dont get involved in peoples business), but if ones life is in danger dont think just react and by react i mean to help him/her.

“There is still hope”

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